Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tuesday in the City

This is suppose to be a week devoted to some R&R for David so again we are slow to get the day started.
Tuesday in New York City started with rain in the morning that decided to continue throughout the rest of the day. It stopped later in the afternoon .

All day you couldn't help but think back to six years ago and the terror our country felt on this day. From Kentucky we lived through 9-11 via TV. In New York City they lived the horror first hand. The memories still remain so raw and vivid in our lives. We feel the changes every time we board the airlines. May we never forget but learn to forgive!!

We have been blessed to have spent several vacations trips to the city and have already visited many of the “touristy” locations. On this visit we decided to check out some of the other areas of the city. So off we went cabbing it down to China Town. Even in the rain the streets were filled with visitors from around the world. The street fare atmosphere is fun. Very colorful with booth style store fronts filled with handbags, watches, scarves, jewelry, oriental fans……just to name a few items. Fresh fish stales fills the air with aromas that can’t be found anywhere else in the city.

From China Town.we walked through Little Italy. They are preparing for a large street fair this weekend so the streets were full of trucks and construction teams assembling booths for wonderful Italian dining treats.

From Little Italy we walked through several streets of Greenwich Village. The small little trendy shops and "free spirit" feel of the area transcends you back to the sixties only updated. We ended up taking in dinner at one of Dave's favorite Mexican restaurants, Panchitos. The rain had subsided to just an occasional sprinkle so we were able to enjoy our killer pitcher of Margaritas from the sidewalk seating area as we people watched. We had walked several miles and the much needed rest felt great.

We headed back to Mid Town and our hotel to veg-out in front of the TV before turning in. A nice easy day. Play the slide show to see a few of the sights. --LaDawn

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