Friday, November 30, 2007

Two More Days of Paradise

Things sure do move slowly down here, but the scenery, weather, and people are very friendly and wonderfully welcoming. Wednesday, after a slow start at the house, we headed down to the Tropicana for a really good lunch. They have something called the lava bowl which is something like our Fajita plates back in the States - down here, the lava bowl is just so much cooler. I will say one more thing about the Tropicana too - they have the best margaritas we have found so far. I don't want to say two of them is too many, but in fact two of them is one too many - but boy, are they smooth - imbiber beware.

On Thursday, LaDawn and I had a really nice walk around the neighborhood. I did my thing with the camera while LaDawn held the flash. We got some really great images which you can see in the slide show below. Yesterday evening we had a wonderful dinner at on of the locals favorite restaurants - Guacamaya's - real Mexican food that was delicious, and didn't break the bank either. Open the link and read down for a visiter's comments. We had dinner with a lovely woman, Elsa, who runs a Christian school for about 300 of the kids here in San Jose. With eight teachers and her assistant Debbie, they really have their hands full. That's Elsa's son Kiki in the slide show and arm wrestling Lindsay - LaDawn's daughter - in the slide show.

We finished the day strolling the Art Walk - there were some pretty cool objects d'Arte on display in the galleries. It was a nice way to wrap the day. Friday, we are heading into Cabo San Lucas for lunch at "The Office" and a sight seeing day in the big city. I'll give you wrap up on that over the weekend as we head out early on Saturday and get into Cincy kind of late that evening. Until then, Adios! Dave and LaDawn

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