Thursday, August 9, 2007

Across the Mountains Again

We had a great time on our short visit to Sault. Now we headed back east in the direction of Carpentras, France - we had to cross the mountains one more time. We could have taken the quicker highway route, but saw a sign for the "Tourist Route" - we took that one - WOW! what a site. I was stopping the car about every 10 feet to take more pictures - the views were magnificent!!!

The first stop was this unbelievable Lavender field - LaDawn and I were both out wondering the beautiful views taking a million pictures among this this gorgeous French county scape.

After the lavender fields, it was the mountain route descending through the Gorge de la Nesque - be sure to check out this video of the bikers decent - it's what we saw! - the mountains the views were unbelievable.It was like traveling Route 1 through the US. It looked like a glacier just carved it's way down the valley. LaDawn and both think we saw more beauty today on our little adventure than any other day. Just fantanstic!

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