Monday, August 6, 2007

A Walk to Bedoin - and Back

Bedoin is a small town just 4 kilometers (or an hour) - that's about 2.4 miles to us Americans - from Crillon le Brave. It was a warm day and that little road sure was busy. And when I have a camera in hand the walk can be kind of slow - so many pictures, so little time. Check out those weird little snails in the slide show too- they were everywhere!

By the time we got to the town - about 2:05 P.M. - we were a bit tired and in need a little lunch and refreshment. To our surprise, all restaurants close at 2 - no lunch to be found. Ah, but a little market had just what we were looking for - a little bread, wine, cheese, and a snack or two.

After our little respite we headed back - did I say there no taxi's for the ride back either. Yep, we got our exercise in for the day - still a pretty walk.

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