Friday, August 3, 2007

Heading to Versailles

This is my second trip to Paris, but LaDawn's first. I told her we had to see Versailles - truly unbelievable! Built by King Louis XIV around 1678 - this is the largest palace in Europe. This is where royalty lived till Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette fled as a result of the French Revolution. Take a peek at the pictures` and you will see why the peasants revolted.

Another interesting fact - the Treaty of Versailles, ending the First World War was also signed here - pretty cool history.

The opulence is overwhelming. The Royal Chapel, finished in 1710, is regarded as one of the finest Baroque buildings in the country and is an awe inspiring place of prayer.

The Queen's bedroom, where the Queens of France gave birth in public view to assure the linage was witnessed. 19 royal infants were born here. Check out the other images to see the grander. By the way, that's LaDawn and I standing in the original "Hall of Mirrors."

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