Thursday, August 9, 2007

Heading to Sault - Lavender Capital of the World

Today we decided to head out to Sault. Now to get to Sault, you have to cross the mountains - what a trip. It reminded LaDawn and I a bit like Scotland - the trees get a bit scrubby and are not as tall - you just get a feeling that you are a bit higher than where you started.

The first thrill was coming back down the mountain on the other side heading in to Sault. Sault produces 80% of the world's Lavender crop. Lavender is a beautiful purple plant that fills the air with an absolutely wonderful fragrance. When we saw it by the road and got out of the car to take a closer look, you could smell it instantly - just beautiful.

The town itself sits up on a hill - a lot of towns in France seem to have that same kind of geography - very interesting and romantic to see. We roamed around a bit - there was a very nice street market going on which was fascinating to explore - yep that's where most of the souvenirs came from. Each town in France that we visited was a special joy - both in the look and in the people we met (and did our best to communicate with). It was a nice visit.

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