Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wine Country!

Off to Chateauneuf de Pape today. Chateauneuf de Pape was home to the Popes in the early 1300's. Pope John XXII was the first to plant vineyards there. The drive was about 45 minutes from our hotel - and no wrong turns today! - but what a treat to drive through the French countryside.

We had lunch at a great little restaurant named Le Mere Germaine - wonderful food and ambiance, but be sure to take your MasterCard as Amex and Visa did not work in their credit card machine.

The cool thing about the town is that many of the wineries have their "Cave degustation" - that's tasting cellar to us - right in town. Wow! You can hit a bunch all at one time!

We also ventured out to some of the vineyards for some great tastings too. One of our favorites was Chateau Cabrieres. Our host was heading to Cleveland in a few months because he has family there - small world.

The experience was fun because they didn't speak much English and we didn't speak much French - but it all works out. We tasted many wines, purchased a few bottles, and had a great time visiting with the people.

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Cindy Hinds said...

Dave and LaDawn - what an amazing trip. Thanks for sharing - I wish I could go to Paris with you guys. I am smiling looking at your pictures and reading your adventures. I can't wait to hear more. Thanks so much for sharing and it is so good to see you even though you are so far away. Hey we have to have breakfast or lunch on Friday the 24th - I'll be in KY until about 2 that afternoon. Love you guys have a safe trip home. Cindy