Monday, August 6, 2007


LaDawn and I had a very interesting experience coming back from Sacre Coeur. We thought we would take a short cut down these stairs. We love walking and the stairs seemed to lead to a particularly visually interesting part of town.

Wow! the whole place was teaming with activity and energy. We found ourselves in the mist of this wonderful open air market - the colors, smells, motion - it was a sight to see. Someone was even selling ears of corn so I had to give it a try - delicious!

After about 8 wrong turns, we decided to check the map and voila' - it's so cool to talk French - we figured out where we were. We were quite a bit from the hotel so we stopped at Le Panorama Brasserie, had a glass of wine, then dinner, and a serenade to finish our adventurous day.

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We could watch more of this series of your own version of the TV hit "Lost!" Bruce & Diane