Monday, August 6, 2007

Napoleon - Resting in Peace

Our last full day in Paris - we started a little stroll around town, just taking it easy. Then there it - was a Metro station (that's subway in France) and we off on another adventure - let's check out Napoleon Bonaparte's grave. This, by the way, is not to say that the Metro experience was not an adventure unto itself. Anyway we were off.

This “hotel” was built as a military hospital for wounded soldiers in 1671. It housed more than 6,000 soldiers then and even today a few dozen soldiers still live within the facilities. In the center is again a magnificently beautiful church, gorgeous altar, and breathtaking ceiling, with an amazing golden dome. The dome is 351 feet high and can be seen from all over Paris.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s body rests in grandeur in the crypt directly below the golden dome of the Dome Church. It is a magnificent tribute to whom the French consider their greatest military leader.

As with so many of the buildings and places of historical interest throughout Paris, the Hotel des Invalides includes a museum, this one dedicated to the military history from WWI and WWII and well sculpted beautiful gardens completes the area.
Enjoy the show - subway and all.

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